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About Bug Bazaar

The Bug Bazaar Story

In September 2018, we wanted to offer edible insects for sale and founded Bǚg Bazaar webshop to become an international bazaar for edible insects, insect products, and insect protein powders. We also sell so-called "decorative insects," i.e., insects produced outside the EU for food but are not legally as food in the EU.

Bǚg Bazaar mainly sells its Bǚg Bazaar branded edible insect products and Party Bugs party snacks made from edible insects. The Party Bugs brand was launched at trade fairs in Germany in January and February 2020. It received much attention and praise from international distributors for its superior flavors, stunning packaging, positive image, and consumer-friendly prices. We warmly recommend trying Party Bugs yourself!

In 2018 the newly founded Bǚg Bazaar and Muurahaiskauppa brand cooperated, resulting in Muurahaiskaupan BBQ crickets. Muurahaiskaupan BBQ crickets was Finland's first flavored edible insect snack made from whole insects, and dozens of shops and restaurants in the Helsinki metropolitan area sold it.


There are many healthy reasons to eat bugs.

Edible insects are rich in nutrients. The house cricket contains plenty of protein, iron, creatine, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. They also have the same fatty acid division of the omega-3, and omega-6 like fish has.

Did you know that there are five times more antioxidants than in oranges in grasshoppers?

With its high B12 vitamin content and healthy nourishment composition, we warmly recommend eating insect food to balance otherwise primarily vegetarian diets.

The chitin to be obtained from the insect food and its breakdown products, chitooligosaccharides, and chitosan operate like fiber and lower the blood's cholesterol. They also have antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer effects. Chitin and its breakdown products prevent the growth of most harmful intestines bacteria.

As insects lose about 75% of their weight as the water evaporates during the roasting/drying, they are a real power food.

Insects are a natural superfood!

Also, nature loves insectivores!

Insect food can help us in keeping the food system within environmental limits. To get a kilogram of beef, one needs 12 times more feed, 15 times more room, and 22 000 times more water than growing a kilogram of insects. The insects offer a new, lasting, ethical, and delicious way to produce the proteins which are necessary to all of us.

What is entomophagy?

Entomophagy, which describes the practice of eating insects by humans, has long traditions and has always been around. Ancient Romans and Greeks luxuriated with insects, and the French still crunch grasshoppers between wine glasses. Cockchafers were considered a delicacy in France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, and Valakia long until the 20th century. We all eat at least half a kilo of insects every year hidden inside and as part of our regular food.

Join the 2 billion people who already eat insects as a part of their daily diet!

Insect consumption is prevalent in 80% of the world, and 2 billion people feast on edible insects. Their insect food recipes are waiting for you!

Start your gourmet trip to the insect food wonderland and buy the highest quality insects from Bǚg Bazaar. And don’t forget our insect powders for cooking and baking!

We have edible crickets for sale and much more!

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